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Vail is in a beautiful mountainous area in the middle of Colorado.  Summer hiking and winter skiing -- there are always wonderful things to do and see.  But why take my word for it?  Take a quick tour of the Vail area and Colorado through these live camera shots.  Just click to view.   Wherever you are in the world, for the next few minutes you're in the mountains of Colorado!

half-way up Vail Mountain

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Lionshead area west of "downtown" Vail

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Beaver Creek Mountain

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Beaver Creek ski run BC mtn ski run.jpg (2068 bytes) Beaver Creek Ice rink bc_icerink.jpg (2964 bytes)

"SushiCam" Masato's in Avon west of Vail

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Pike's Peak near Colorado Springs

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I-70 west of Denver

I-70 mtns.jpg (2983 bytes) Steamboat Springs ski mountain steamboat.jpg (2334 bytes)
Eisenhower Tunnel Eisenhower.jpg (2267 bytes) Denver denvernews9.jpg (2612 bytes) Denver Denver.jpg (2753 bytes)