Local Vail Ham Phil Krichbaum, N0KE, in Hawaii at Sea Q Maui for CQWW CW '98 (QRP)
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Phil, N0KE, and Bill, W8QZA ready for CQWW
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Phil, N0KE
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Marty Green (K2PLF), Phil Krichbaum (N0KE), Kevin Hinchliffe (WH6KO), Bruce Hughes (KH6HA) and Terry Clayton (KH6SQ)

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Phil, N0KE, after the contest

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40-2CD and TH-7 with Mt. Haleakala in background
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Northwest to Japan
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Southwest to VK/ZL
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Bill, W8QZA
e-mail from Phil, N0KE, November 30th

I actually had better luck running US

than JA but S&P to the US and JA were good also. I better than doubled

the P29DK contintental record from 1991 and since there is no record for

40 meters Bill, KH6/W8QZA, should have that.

Bill left at noon today and I leave late Wed. We had a chance to go

snorkeling yesterday with the contest ending at 2pm. The water was

probably in the high 70s.

I probably worked a dozen or so HS stations and some answered CQs. On

40 I worked zone 26 on back to back QSOs with 3W7 and HS. My best 80m

QSO was UN7CW. When I first worked him I was not 100% sure he had my

call so I worked him again 10 min later to make sure. After that I

thought I could get JT1A on 80 as he was CQing away at 589 with no

callers but it didn't happen but I did get them on 4 bands. Another good

QSO was VU2WAP on 10m and A61AJ on 15m. EA8 and D44 on 40 were not bad

either. I hrd and wkd Larry K0CL Sat on 40 but don't know if he was in the

house or out in the shack. I hrd KJ0G for the only other GMAC member hrd

out here.

I will look for you and Mike K0YO or anyone else tomorrow and wed at 1800

utc on 21270. If it doesn't snow I might as well stay here!

I did manage to work former SeaQMaui operators W1WEF and JA5DQH and

heard K2PLF with good signals on several occasions. The addition of the

A4S tribander on the 2nd tower helped my efficiency more than I had

expected. There is not that much difference between the A4S and TH7.

On 6m the only opening so far was for 30 minutes to VK4BRG QG48, VK4DO

QG49 and VK4JH QG30 at 0609 on 26 Nov and I was hearing the 5w VK4BRG

beacon. I think K0GU worked all three of these stations back in October.

They did not hear anyone besides Jay down there. I heard the V73SIX

beacon when I first put the coax to the beam but havn't hrd it since and

I was out 30 min from the shack one morning when WH6KO called me on 2m

to let me know that he had just worked V73AT on 50.110!

73 Phil N0KE/KH6 BL10

W8QZA/KH6 7MHz QRP 216 QSO 27 zones 37 countries 39,104 points

N0KE/KH6 AB QRP 767 QSO 105 zones 159 countries 571,032 points

New N0KE QTH January, 2006

near Rifle, Colorado

This is the JA shot. Red flag in center marks the NW corner with BLM land
beyond fence.    Roan Cliffs in the distance is about 15 miles away and 4000 ft
higher. I saw a big bull elk on the BLM land earlier that day.



A Few Photos of Future Location of Keko, TI5KD

Adrian and Fabiana Diez -- Keko's son and daughter
both future world-class contesters


New QTH temporary antenna and shack photos

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