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Christy and I journeyed to Costa Rica on June 2nd, 1999 and spent seven exciting days exploring this beautiful country.   Using the San Jose Marriott as our home base we first went to the Arenas volcano area in the north and stayed at the El Tucano resort.   Volcano explosions, thermal swimming pools, a jungle river cruise on the Cano Negro near the Nicaraguan border plus time to just sit and read.  Then back to San Jose for the night and a flight across the country to the Jungle Lodge. The Jungle Lodge is located a couple miles up a canal from the small village of Tortuguero on the Caribbean coast.    We had a great trek through the jungle.  I've been fortunate to have seen a good part of the world in the past but walking through a real jungle with monkeys swinging through the trees and sounds neither Christy or I wanted to know the source of was a fascinating experience.  Several boat cruises back into the many jungle canals and a late night trek on the beach to find the giant sea turtles and we were ready to head home.  Other than some clothes that had to be burned we arrived home no worse for wear.  Christy's ready to head to Vanderbilt in August and I'm ready to stay cool and dry for awhile!

Our special thanks to our new friends, Keko (TI5KD) and Sophia and their beautiful children, Fabiana and Adrian.  We visited them two nights and enjoyed their wonderful hospitiality.  Click here to see the TI5/W0TM log.

What a wonderful and beautiful country with the friendliest of people!  We're ready to go again!  Click here for Costa Rican tourism information to plan a trip yourself!

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KekoOnTower.jpg (36023 bytes)
Keko on one of his many towers
KekoSophiaChristy.jpg (36441 bytes)
Keko, Sophia and Christy

AntennaFarm.jpg (19267 bytes)
The TI5KD antenna farm
Kids.jpg (43264 bytes)
Fabiana and Adrian planting the tree given them by Phil, N0KE
Click here to read Phil's story of his trip to Costa Rica

KekoStation.jpg (62930 bytes)
Keko, TI5KD

W0TM.jpg (41651 bytes)
Gary, W0TM
ElTucanoDeck.jpg (39028 bytes)
El Tucano resort with the jungle behind us


ElTucanoPool.jpg (66282 bytes)
El Tucano grounds
ThermaSpa.jpg (27979 bytes)
Christy pre-mud wrap
ChristyHotPool.jpg (40994 bytes)
Arenas volcano thermal spa
Cayman.jpg (39786 bytes)
Caimans were everywhere!
Iguanas.jpg (81895 bytes)
Can you count the iguanas?
CaymanHead.jpg (16733 bytes)
"No Swimming" signs were not needed!
Bats.jpg (9475 bytes)
A family of bats one millisecond before going beserk and flying everywhere.  Safety tip: never take a picture of bats up close using flash!


TortugueroHill.jpg (49763 bytes)
The starting point of our jungle trek -- Tortuguero Hill.


ChristyGaryJungle.jpg (21100 bytes)
OK so far
ChristyJungleTrail.jpg (24136 bytes)
Still having fun!

Carlos.jpg (29734 bytes)
Came out alive thanks to our trusty guide Carlos
JungleLodge.jpg (34639 bytes)
Our home in the jungle
JungleLodgePool.jpg (28933 bytes)
Roughing it but not too much
Monkey.jpg (19584 bytes)
Can you spot the monkey?  They were everywhere but never close.


Store.jpg (30362 bytes)
Market in the jungle town of Tortuguero
GiftShop.jpg (36193 bytes)
Gift shops even in the jungle!
ChristyAndJose.jpg (26051 bytes)
Christy with one of our guides, Jose.
LandingStripPlane.jpg (33587 bytes)
Nearest road was 30 miles away.  This beat the canoe route! 


SanJoseAir.jpg (22722 bytes)
The capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose, from the air
marriott.gif (33259 bytes)
Back at the San Jose Marriott then home the next day

Mariottpool.jpg (75074 bytes)
But first, one more look out our window!

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