Gary and Doris' trip to Maui April 1999
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Click here to visit the ham radio bed and breakfast where we stayed for three days
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Not really -- it's a shop in Lahaina owned by a guy named Gary


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W0TM/KH6 log



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Sunset at Outrigger Resort Wailea    

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Waterfall near Hana on east coast of Maui

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Doris, Moki and Holly
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Doris and Donna (one of our hosts at Sea-Q-Maui)
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Doris atop Haleakala
Gary and NH6M tower.jpg (19816 bytes)
Me at NH6M contest station
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Working the pileup as W0TM/KH6
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Me checking e-mail
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Why I went.  Gave seminar at a conference.
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Me near Hana
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Ron, NH6M with one of his many towers behind him.
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Haleakala observatory
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Another view of observatory
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Sailboarders on northern Maui coast
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Sea-Q-Maui B&B
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Terry and Donna (our hosts)
Terry is KH6SQ
view from room digital.jpg (19004 bytes)
View from our room at the Outrigger Resort

Not Maui but instead our recent trip to New Orleans

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Christy hamming it up
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Lost in the swamps